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Standard provisions in the pipeline, mechanical properties, physical properties, performance and process performance and other indicators, the corresponding, according to different steel grade performance indicators are very different. Mechanical properties: tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, hardness, impact energy; physical properties mainly refers to grain size. Including the use and performance: anti collapse test, flattening, flaring test, anti H2S and anti CO2 corrosion test.

The definition of sintering temperature is too high or the sintering time is longer, so that the performance of the final product is worse. Application areas: Mechanical Engineering (first level discipline); Mechanical Engineering (2) powder metallurgy (two people); powder metallurgy process and equipment over burn; over burning products more than burning temperature is called combustion. High sintering temperature and sintering time is too long (or) lead to the deterioration of the final properties of the sintered products. Product combustion is easy to deformation, size requirements, blank or glaze, etc.. Ceramic body fluid (glass) increases, grain boundaries become wide, prone to abnormal growth of the crystal, the crystal is not uniform, intensity and density decreased. If the heating temperature is close to the melting point, so that the grain boundary oxidation and melting, resulting in metal plastic deformation of the ability to completely disappear, if the burning will cancel the blank. The reason of LED combustion is that the sintering temperature is too high and the heat preservation time is too long.

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