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Strictly speaking, stainless steel and Carbon steel seamless pipe can not be stacked together, since the carbon and stainless steel tube material is not the same, in a humid environment, if stacked together, it is easy to produce a chemical reaction to carbon and stainless steel tube, thus destroying the protective layer of stainless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe rust.

Different contact steel stacked together can cause a potential difference to produce electrochemical corrosion, especially when there is water between the galvanic corrosion rate of stainless steel and carbon steel pipe will accelerate.

Like a battery-based chemistry battery chemical energy directly into electricity, because the battery in the redox reaction. To prevent electrochemical corrosion of stainless steel tubes between the two best carburization can not stack together.

However, at room temperature, carbon and stainless steel node contact carburizing carburizing phenomenon does not happen immediately, stainless steel pipe corrosion cycle point appears to be stainless steel tube six main criteria 1. Structure and decorative tube 2. The industrial fluid pipe 3. Large caliber industry fluid pipe
4. The boiler heat exchanger tubes
5. Food Hygiene tube
6. The thin-walled water pipe

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