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Recent Chongsheng Gong Secretary for straight seam steel pipe installation process prone to problems which our technical experts to conduct some analysis published to share with you.

Just attach great importance to the quality of construction and installation works, focus attention on the overall design, construction management and construction materials choose these three areas, to be able to prevent and eliminate straight seam steel pipe project in the various topics, making installation quality to a new level.

Straight seam steel pipe connections, not use force counterparts, nor to eliminate waste interfacing end surface heating pipe and idle deviation plus partial pad and other methods, the wrong port or a different heart defects.

Through the floor, walls, foundation, roof straight seam steel pipe, casing installation should be protected in the casing can not be a straight seam steel pipe interface. Docking of prefabricated pipe sections, required by solidified over time can be used, such as moving ahead, it will make the interface float to the surface cracks.

When pipe welding, twoLSAW welded steel pipegirth distance not less than 150mm, the weld from simmer elbow bend starting point is not less than 120mm, and not less than the outer diameter of the tube. Through the roofLSAW welded steel pipejoints should be waterproof layer (or civil pan of water) and water-resistant cap, straight seam steel pipes and the gap between the sleeve appropriate to non-combustible material packing.

LSAW welded steel pipe installation during construction and after completion, should be promptly fill out all kinds of construction and technical data table by visa records, straight seam steel pipe buried exhibition provided shall be handled covert project acceptance, complete and timely records of concealed works backfill, the construction of technical information pack should rectify the archive. Construction Quality in the presence of many problems, the technical level is not high due to construction quality problems caused by the proportion of very large, some construction workers belong to a limited level itself, but it is because the majority of construction workers FIG simple, convenient FIG.
Weld flange connections and other settings should be easy to re-examination, and shall not be close to the wall, floor, or tube rack.

Straight seam steel pipe installation, if intermittent, should be open blocked nozzle.
Currently straight seam steel pipe installation project exists among some quality problems are mainly caused by the following reasons: differences in pre-engineering requirements. If other departments formed the subject of quality, of course, affect the straight seam steel works; similarly, if the straight seam steel engineering quality problems exist, but also affect the natural building other sectors. Bracket spacing requirements for compliance with drawings and specifications. Some units in order to reduce the construction cost, neglecting the quality of the purchased sanitary pipe quality is poor, and some had not been used again in cracks, blisters; some use soon deformation, leaking. Thus straight seam steel pipe installation is an integral sector of the building.

Straight seam steel pipe before installation required retest straight seam steel pipe trench, the stent Meets straight seam elevation, slope and aspect pipe installation. For example, straight seam steel pipe leaking at the interface connections are mostly electric hot melt adhesive is not strong or uneven filler or infill; straight seam steel pipe installation gradient does not mean, even a partial down slope; install floor drain into the line and so on are not allowed , mostly due to the rough construction.
Construction procedures are not standard.

Technical level not reached scale. A direct cause of the effect of the water in the sink to drain floor drain poor water exchange effect of this phenomenon more to exist, that is, when the construction of the ground, near the small slope to spend, there are local or inverted slope problem. Straight seam steel pipe installation, follow the procedure should be designated hydrostatic test, omit this procedure if you can give the project to stay hidden. Taking into account the process requires a straight seam steel pipe venting and running.


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