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Between the utility model when used in cofferdam steel structure welded pipe pile overlapping curved or circular shape.

Use of steel straight seam welded pipe pile, composed of a steel straight seam welded pipe, enterprises tenon groove and tongue and pin, steel straight seam welded pipe diameter of the left end of the pipe wall of the vertical connection groove groove, cross section of the tongue and groove for the side of the mouth of the box shaped, in the side of the tongue and groove with reinforcing rib, steel straight seam welded pipe diameter of the right end of the pipe wall and partial radius of vertical position is connected with a rabbet pin, rabbet pin groove section of is I-shaped. Take the construction technology and construction method of reasonable production of steel welded pipe pile is to ensure the engineering quality conditions. Steel straight seam welded pipe pile hammer into certain depth of the seabed, directly under the erosion of seawater and load of the superstructure, so the quality requirements more stringent. Detailed information see under.

ERW straight seam welded steel pipe

Profiled steel straight seam welded pipe can adapt to the premise of the use of special, save metal and progress parts manufacturing labor productivity. At present, many domestic large-scale projects with the piles have the company's share. Its business scope has spread to almost all domestic coastal port city, including Africa, Oceania and other foreign ports. It is widely used in aviation, automobile, shipbuilding, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, construction, textile and boiler manufacturing. The utility model enterprises export steel straight seam welded pipe pile with novel design, simple structure, use convenience, lap easily, the advantages of good sealing. Such as square, rectangular, conical, trapezoidal, spiral tube, etc.. Including cross-sectional contours of non circular, and other wall thickness, wall thickness, along the length of the direction of change in diameter and thickness of the wall, and the section of the face, said the wrong and wrong. 1, Caofeidian 30 million tons of crude oil wharf phase, Caofeidian 30 million tons of crude oil wharf phase II, Caofeidian 30 million tons of crude oil wharf phase engineering, Yingkou Bayuquan Hong, Jinzhou port, Binhai Port ore terminal, coastal port Southern general bulk cargo wharf steel straight seam pipe pile splice site, Binhai port east jetty, Bayuquan three 51-53 container berth project, Binhai port Shenhua coal terminal, the coastal port container terminal project. Heard a friend say that processing capacity is very large, a year should be more than 10 million tons. At present, there are two factory area of about 120000 square meters, and is manage in the coastal Binhai New Area of Lingang industrial area new a greater area of 40 million square meters of factory.

Steel straight seam welded pipe pile is suitable in port and dock construction based. The diameter range generally between the 600-2000mm. The most commonly used of 1800mm. Production method of special pipe drawing, welding, extrusion, hot rolling, cold drawing method which has been widely used. Steel structure welded pipe pile is widely used in wharf, breakwater, revetment, berth port engineering. Currently, do the best should be handed in groups under the Binhai port installation engineering Co. ltd.. Can play the role of water, soil, sand and so on.

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