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Standard provisions in the pipeline, mechanical properties, physical properties, performance and process performance indicators, appropriate, depending on the steel grade. The performance indicators are very different. Mechanical properties: tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, hardness, impact energy; primarily refers to the physical properties of the grain size. Including the use of technology and performance: collapsing test, flattening, flaring test, anti H2S and CO2 corrosion test antibody.
What is burning?

Chinese name: English name: Yaki been defined: sintering temperature is too high or the longer the sintering time, so that the performance deterioration of the final product. Applications: Mechanical Engineering (a subject); mechanical engineering (2) metallurgy (two); powder metallurgy technology and equipment burnt; over-burning product exceeds the firing temperature is called burning. High sintering temperature and time is too long (or) cause the deterioration of the final properties of the sintered product. Combustion products easily deformed, size requirements, or blank glaze bubbles and the like. Porcelain body fluids (glass phase) increases, the grain boundary widened, abnormal growth of crystals prone to uneven, the strength and density of the crystal is reduced. If the heating temperature is near the melting point, the grain boundary oxidized or melted, resulting in the ability to plastically deform the metal completely disappeared, will be canceled if the incineration blank. LED burning because the sintering temperature is too high, too long holding time

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