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Our more common 3PE anticorrosion steel pipe reinforcing grade 3PE anti-corrosion, IPN8710 drinking water corrosion, anti-corrosion epoxy powder, cement mortar lining corrosion, three two oil cloth coal tar epoxy, internal and external anti-corrosion plastic, plastic-lined steel pipe corrosion in line, the reason why use of 3PE anticorrosion steel is more needs to be done because a lot of projects are used in underground, underwater and other more hostile environment. In such an environment steel is more susceptible to corrosion, so do anti-corrosion work is very important. Pipe corrosion want stronger, stronger then this is the wish of every engineer. So people try to use the various anti-corrosion materials to continuously improve the corrosion protection of steel pipe corrosion, and life.

3PE anticorrosion steel pipe  is the result of corrosion of steel pipe professional processing technology, with strong corrosion resistance, can effectively reduce metal loss, to extend the service life of steel pipe.
Pipe corrosion every year to bring our country huge economic losses, namely the use of 3PE anticorrosion steel pipe anti-corrosion technology processing, can effectively reduce the occurrence of various corrosion, alleviate the economic loss in this regar

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