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1 pipe by blasting, in the process of epoxy powder under high pressure electrostatic spraying, the dust treatment device two of the outer surface of the steel pipe, the outer surface of the steel pipe rust powder dust residue clean, coated with epoxy powder coating and should be performed within 4 hours, or if more than 4 hours steel surface rust, must re surface pretreatment. Dust processing pipe surface, should start fan dust remover, and then start dusting motor; if production interruption, should press the stop button to stop the dust removing motor, fan work.

2 regularly clean up the dust in the cyclone dust collector, to avoid excessive accumulation of dust effect.

3 dust start device, should always check the working condition of fan.

4 dust electrode should be regularly maintained, to ensure the normal work. The corrosion production, per hour should be at least one surface of the steel pipe dust treatment.

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