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3PE to strengthen the level of anti-corrosion steel pipe is a more high-end 3PE anti-corrosion of the steel pipe in the form of a kind of corrosion, the two have common ground, there are different points, the following is a brief introduction to this problem.

First: the same point

3PE strengthened grade anticorrosion steel pipe and common 3PE corrosion proof steel pipe are three layers of structure, the three layer structure is the first layer of epoxy powder, second layers of adhesive, third layer of polyethylene. The three materials are one of the materials, and the steel pipe is firmly combined with the formation of excellent corrosion protection layer.

Second: different points

The thickness of the coating ordinary 3PE anti-corrosion is generally between 2.0-2.2mm, but the coating thickness strengthened 3PE anti-corrosion for 2.7-2.9mm, that is to say a better anti-corrosion effect 3PE reinforced anticorrosion steel pipe, longer life.

In short 3PE to strengthen the level of anti-corrosion steel pipe is a better anti-corrosion effect of a product, the price is more expensive than ordinary products.

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