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3PE anti-corrosion pipe Features

3PE anti-corrosion pipeline is divided into ordinary 3PE corrosion-proof pipe and reinforced 3PE corrosion pipeline, the main difference is the thickness of different anti-corrosion coating. Enhanced anti-corrosion corrosion protection strength and anti-corrosion performance is more superior. The first layer of epoxy powder, the second layer of adhesive, the third layer of polyethylene three materials into one, and firmly combined with the formation of a good anti-corrosion coating. Diameter range Φ60 ~ Φ1420.3PE and 2PE of the main differences: 3PE anti-corrosion pipe more than an epoxy powder layer, and epoxy powder corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties, anti-cathodic stripping strong, although it has a strict surface treatment, Weatherability is poor, high water absorption, etc., but it applies to buried pipeline submarine pipeline, the coating thickness of only 0.3 to 0.5 mm.

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