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3pe anti-corrosion steel pipe features

1.3pe anti-corrosion spiral pipe manufacturers 3PE anti-corrosion means in the 1990s to China, which combines the two epoxy coating and the advantages of polyethylene coating is an advanced anti-corrosion technology.
2.3pe anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe manufacturers and double-layer epoxy powder and single-layer PE and other anti-corrosion coating compared to 3PE anti-corrosion coating is very suitable for China's national conditions, so far more than 20,000 km 3PE corrosion pipe buried in China.
3.3pe anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe manufacturers 3PE anti-corrosion production are shot blasting, heating, dusting, winding and cooling and other production processes. The heating time of steel tube determines the gelation time and curing time, which is the key parameter to restrict the quality of production. Whether the heating temperature control in the vicinity of the desired value of the steel pipe 3PE corrosion production success or failure. As the steel pipe speed and grid voltage fluctuations,
4.3pe anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe manufacturers heating process is an uncertain inertia system.

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