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The production of alloy steel pipe

The production of alloy steel pipe and even the shape of galvanized steel and precision are very similar, so many customers have been misunderstood. Here we talk about the difference between the two and contact. Use distinction: galvanized precision steel pipe is generally used to make fences, fences, guard rails, balcony rails. Widely used in municipal engineering, roads, factories, schools, development zones, gardens, squares, residential and other places galvanized precision steel and alloy steel pipe is two areas, galvanized steel pipe surface is galvanized, there may be Welded pipe, it may be seamless, seamless steel pipe is the manufacturing process, there are welding and seamless points. Galvanized pipe corrosion-resistant, alloy steel pipe can withstand higher pressure. Galvanized precision steel pipe due to the protection of zinc is not easy to rust, galvanized precision steel pipe than alloy steel light, if it is used for the balcony, the best use of galvanized pipe, alloy steel pipe is not too suitable for the balcony, Because the thickness of the alloy steel pipe, the natural weight on the weight, and the cost of alloy steel pipe than the cost of zinc-plated precision steel pipe, galvanized precision steel pipe is very durable, far more than the useful life of alloy steel pipe. If the quality of excellent, the use of more than 20 years should not be a problem, of course, welding and paint should be done, will not affect the useful life of galvanized precision steel pipe galvanized precision steel pipe can be seen more advantages than alloy steel pipe, the use will be more Convenient, the cost is relatively low, the production process is not much difference between the two. Recommend the user to select galvanized precision steel pipe

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