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3pe coating the end of the need to constitute less than or equal to 30 ° slope, called the anticorrosion groove. Groove forming steel wire brush wheel brush or turning things like cutting.
(1) wire brush wheel and the contact force of the coating is too large; (1) steel wire brush and the coating layer contact force is too large; (2) 3pe anticorrosive spiral steel pipe is too large; (3) steel pipe spin speed and brush wheel speed ratio uncoordinated.
Second, the transition grinding brush, damage intact coating. Groove is formed in the end of the first thing from the role of grinding, to constitute a fixed-length section, the demand for equipment, steel pipe limit equipment, to avoid the steel tube swinging around the choice of wire brush, the role of the coating in the friction of simple Steel pipe movement, when the infinite position or limit planning defects, the brush will advance the destruction of anti-corrosion coating layer.
The use of turning tools for groove forming, forming a simple weld in the fracture of 90 degrees to fill the formation of dangerous, but also very easy to damage the weld.
Specializing in the production of 3pe anti-corrosion steel pipe surface damage
Leading to the coating of the first refers to the chemical coating, moisture absorption, while the excessive use of renewable materials will lead to cracking. Anti-corrosion products in the inspection line, the upper and lower transport process, there will be coating damage, mainly due to the marginal sharpness of the stacking platform, or lifting rigging too hard and so hard.
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