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1. The treatment of steel pipe base
The quality of the main treatment of the steel pipe directly affects the quality of the coating and the effect of anti-corrosion. At present, the methods commonly used in grassroots treatment are jet descaling, tool derusting, chemical derusting and flame descaling. The methods commonly used in the field are jet rust removal and tool rust removal. The quality of primary treatment should meet the anti-corrosion material construction quality requirements of the derusting. In the "Pre-painting steel surface rust grade and derusting grade" GB / T8923 standard, the quality level of jet rust is divided into mild spray rust (Sal), complete spray rust (Sa2), very thorough (Sa2%) and the cleanliness of the steel surface spray rust (Sa3) four, the quality of the tool rust is divided into complete manual and power tools rust (St2) and a very thorough manual and dynamic Tools for derusting (St3).
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