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In order to facilitate customers to understand the anti-corrosion steel pipe, I explain to you as follows: steel coating with uniform and dense coating on the rust-proof steel pipe surface, and then, with a variety of corrosive media isolated, is the most basic anti-corrosion steel pipe One of the methods. Since the 1970s, in the polar, marine and other harsh environment, laying pipes, as well as oil heating and transport pipeline temperature rise, the performance of the coating put forward more requirements. As a result, corrosion resistant steel pipe coatings are increasingly used as composite or composite structures. These materials and structures should have good dielectric properties, physical properties, stable chemical properties and a wide range of temperature adaptation. Anti-corrosion method of steel pipe summarized the following:
1, the outer wall anti-corrosion coating: pipe wall coating material type and use conditions.
2, the inner wall anti-corrosion coating: In order to prevent corrosion in the tube, reduce friction, increase the volume of the inner wall of the film applied to the tube.
3, anti-corrosion insulation coating: the medium and small caliber of crude oil or fuel oil pipelines, in order to reduce the heat pipe to the soil, in the pipeline with external insulation and anti-corrosion composite layer.

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