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Now the market is very many types of tube bus, according to the use of different types of choice are also different, which is more popular insulation tube bus. Insulation busbar manufacturing technology advanced, high reliability, the external insulation using PTFE insulation material, fully meet the requirements of users. This product can replace the original trough bus, bare bus, cable and bridge, the most suitable for compact substation, reduce the area, reliable operation.
Dry all-insulated tube bus
Insulation tube bus
1, the insulation medium using organic insulation PTFE.
2, the outer conductor with a ground screen, people can touch, safe and reliable, the end of a capacitive pressure with a screen, high dielectric strength.
3, the conductor is copper tube into the aluminum tube (length of about 8M), the use of disassembled mechanical connection, installation is simple.
4, outdoor insulation using organic insulation sets, resistant to dirt and strong.
5, to provide bus flow conductivity and thermal stability of current, according to user requirements design selection.
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