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1, quick-drying, it is the biggest advantage that is dry fast, strong shell, the use of a wide range of expectations, can be used in harsh environments, with the use.
2, soft membrane type, the use of paraffin oil or heavy oil disposal, anti-rust function is the strongest of the three, and can use a solvent to clean off a.
3, oil film type, its anti-rust function is relatively speaking. But it is very simple to deal with the operation. Use can reduce their damage caused by the conflict, reduce costs, directly to ensure the development of productive forces.
Thick-walled straight seam steel pipe baked and furnace: baked is the processing commonly used in the preparation of heat treatment process. Most of the machine parts and workers, mold blank after baked, can eliminate casting, forging and welding parts of the internal stress and composition of the organization of non-uniformity; to improve and adjust the mechanical properties of straight seam steel pipe, Organization preparation. The performance requirements are not high, less important parts and some ordinary castings, weldments, baked can be used as the final heat treatment. Baked is the temperature of the steel pipe to the appropriate strength, heat for a certain time, and then slowly cooling, in order to get close to the organization of the heat treatment process.
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