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On the understanding of anti-corrosion steel pipe, basically limited to not rust and corrosion, then the anti-corrosion steel pipe process equipment and what advantages it is the first frequency of heating steel pipe, the more traditional electric furnace heating, intermediate frequency heating more with high conversion Rate, the effective saving of electricity, the use of intermediate frequency heating, the heat in the steel pipe from the inside and outside the distribution, so that corrosion of steel pipe heating temperature is more uniform, effectively ensure the quality of epoxy coating curing. , This powder coating technology, so that anti-corrosion coating with anti-corrosion coating with the precision of the pipe together, the thickness is very uniform, the quality is relatively reliable, coated with powder coating with the coating technology is similar, so that the quality of corrosion Is more reliable, especially for the corrosion of welded steel pipe treatment, compared with the traditional three-tier winding process, effectively eliminate the drawbacks of the weld thinning.Finally, anti-corrosion inside and outside the steel tube coating at the same time, the steel pipe inside and outside the same time greatly reduced the coating Spraying time, improve work efficiency, and in the coating process, to minimize the loss of heat, make full use of the latent heat in the steel pipe.
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