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Anti-corrosion steel pipe construction and storage: (1) before painting to be surface dust, oil, oxide, and so clean. To Sa 2.5 to ensure the quality of brushing. Construction is strictly prohibited into the water. (2) construction ratio method is: the A component of the big mouth open, the B component into the A component, fully stirred evenly. Aging for 30 minutes, can be painted. (3) This material is required to be used with the use, with the ratio of paint to be used within eight hours. Unfinished material to be sealed to save. Rainy days or relative temperatures greater than 75% should stop construction. For the serious parts of the corrosive medium, it is recommended multi-channel brushing. (4) products should be stored in a cool dry place, to prevent direct sunlight, isolated from fire, away from heat. Storage period of 12 months, after the expiration of the technical indicators should be tested, such as to meet the requirements of the index can continue to use.


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