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1. Steel pipe: straight seam steel pipe seamless steel pipe spiral steel pipe and other steel pipe 2. Epoxy resin The product is composed of epoxy resin as the main agent of a two-component, high-solid paint. Sub-primer and finish. A component consists of epoxy resin, pigment and additives, additives. Part B is a curing agent formulated with modified amines.
Second, the characteristics and application areas: durability, epoxy resin after curing the film tough water, coating non-toxic, non-polluting water. Strong adhesion, paint and film between the very good adhesion. Rust and water resistance, excellent use of anti-rust raw materials, to ensure its anti-rust performance. Has a very good mechanical strength, the film tough, with wear and impact resistance. Solid content is high, the coating is thicker. Room temperature curing film. No large baking equipment. Anticorrosive steel pipe is widely used in drinking water tanks, water pipes, water tanks, water towers and other water supply equipment, wall coating and sugar, grain use. Can also be used as a swimming pool, power plant cooling tower and into the fuel oil, gasoline, metal, concrete inner wall coating
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