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3PE anticorrosion steel piperefers to the steel pipe in a different working environment to ensure that the temperature inside the work pipe and the surface temperature together to slow or prevent foreign media in the chemical and electrochemical effects may be metabolized by microorganisms and corrosion and deterioration of the insulation Anticorrosion method. Anti-corrosion method is generally coated with a fine coating on the surface of the metal pipe through the rust, so that it with a variety of corrosive media barrier, which is one of the recent anti-corrosion method, the outer wall of anti-corrosion coating, Coating materials and the use of conditions, the inner wall of anti-corrosion coating in order to prevent corrosion within the tube to reduce the frictional resistance before the amount of flux applied to the inner wall of the film, corrosion insulation coating is in the small diameter of the crude oil or fuel on the official , In order to reduce the pipeline to the soil heat, in addition to the pipe with insulation preservation of the composite layer. If the outer care tube is a polyethylene tube, there is no need to do the anti-corrosion lost. Because polyethylene has excellent resistance to low temperature function, chemical stability, and most of the acid-base corrosion, at room temperature insoluble in general solvents, water absorption is small.
Three-tier polyethylene anti-corrosion is now buried at home and abroad outside the pipeline one of the primary technical system. It has a good anti-corrosion function, low water absorption, high strength mechanical strength, these years in the country buried water, gas, oil pipeline on the access to more and more widely used.
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