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3PE steel pipe is classified as follows:
1) According to the use of methods can be divided into: pipe spraying powder, pipe spraying powder, pipe inside and outside the general powder. Pipes outside the spray powder is divided into: single-layer powder, double powder, three-layer structure of anti-corrosion powder;
2) According to the use can be divided into: oil and gas pipeline powder, drinking water pipe powder, fire pipe powder, coal mine anti-static ventilation pipe powder, chemical pipe powder, oil drilling pipe powder, pipe powder, With powder, high salt water, heavy pipe, such as plaster pipe full of 3PE steel pipe.
3) according to the curing conditions can be divided into: fast curing, ordinary curing two types. The curing conditions of the fast curing powder are generally 230 ℃ / 0.5 ~ 2min, which is mainly used for pipe spraying or three-layer anticorrosive structure. Because of the short curing time and high production efficiency, it is suitable for the pipeline operation. The curing condition of the ordinary curing powder is generally 230 ℃ / 5min or more, due to a long curing time, coating leveling is good, suitable for spraying within the pipeline.
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