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The clean of the surface of the seamless steel pipe and the degree of smoothness is a requirement for the selection of a seamless steel pipe, since the surface of the seamless steel pipe has become a key place for customer choice. Have been valued, then the surface of cracks in seamless steel pipe is a relatively common phenomenon, but also direct lead to a low rate of sale of a reason, then lead to such factors
First, the raw material quality of the poor quality of the tube will appear inside and outside, Alice skin, scarring, cracks and so on;
Second, the temperature factor Seamless steel pipe production of the first important process is heating, poor heating (uneven, the temperature is not enough, etc.) will cause within the Alice and so on;
Third, the equipment factors from the start, each equipment components, will affect the final quality of the pipe. Such as the equipment parts of the touch scraping, will cause outside Alice skin, pits; into the punching machine is not smooth, will cause The tube head by the water and bite into the difficult or head within the Alice;
Fourth, the process of process problems are also quite complex, there are adjustments to the problem, there are equipment failure problems, there is the process parts (head, guide plate, roll, etc.) Is all-encompassing
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