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Seamless steel pipe production process: the seamless steel pipe is mainly through the reduction of tension to complete, the process of reducing the weight of the hollow base material is not a continuous rolling process with mandrel. In order to ensure the quality of the mother pipe welding under the premise of the pipe tension reduction process is to heat the whole tube to 950 degrees Celsius above, and then by the tension reducer (tension reduction machine a total of 24 times) rolled into a variety of diameter and wall Thick finished pipe, the use of this process produced by the hot-rolled steel pipe and ordinary high-frequency welded pipe is essentially different from the heating furnace after the weld and the matrix of the microstructure and mechanical properties can be achieved in full, in addition, through more The tension of the pipe and the automatic control make the dimensional accuracy of the steel pipe (especially the roundness and wall thickness of the tube) is superior to the similar seamless pipe.
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