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At present, the market competition of large diameter anticorrosion straight seam steel pipe is becoming more and more intense. Due to the limitation of its production technology, the production cost of straight seam steel pipe has been high, resulting in the gradual decrease of its economic benefit. With the technological progress of China's metallurgical industry, instead of seamless steel pipe - the new products also began to emerge, then the new product in the end can achieve the indicators of seamless steel pipe? What is the essential difference between them? Here on the market two easy to confuse the product, hot tension reduction pipe and straight seam - the difference between the pipe to do a simple description.
Large diameter 3PE anti-corrosion straight seam steel pipe surface dust treatment ⑴ steel pipe by shot blasting, the next step in the process of epoxy powder high-pressure electrostatic spraying, the use of dust treatment device on the outer surface of the steel pipe secondary treatment, the steel pipe The rust on the outer surface of the dust dust clean, and should be within 4 hours of epoxy powder coating, if more than 4 hours or steel pipe surface rust occurs, you must re-surface pretreatment. When the surface of the steel pipe is treated with dust, it should start the induced draft fan on the dust removal device, and then start the dust removal motor. If the production is interrupted, press the dust motor stop button and stop the fan operation. ⑵ regular cleaning whirlwind dust inside the dust, to avoid excessive accumulation, the effect of dust. ⑶ start the dust device, should always check the work of the fan. ⑷ dust electrode should be regularly maintained to ensure that the normal work. ⑸ anti-corrosion production, the hour should be checked at least once the surface treatment of steel pipe dust.
Steel pipe preheating: ⑴ after the dust treatment of steel pipe, before the epoxy powder coating should be preheated, the use of KGPS-750uw constant power frequency machine to the steel pipe heating, preheating temperature must meet the epoxy powder Paint the required temperature, but the maximum shall not exceed 275 ℃. ⑵ check the frequency of circulating water pool, to ensure that water at least 2.5 to 3 cubic. Start the circulating pump, check the circulating water all the pipeline is leaking, only to determine the circulation of water pipes under normal circumstances before they can start the IF device. ⑶ according to the different diameter of the pipe feeding speed and the scheduled heating temperature, with the experimental tube in the job line to determine the production is the intermediate frequency heating output power value. ⑷ the use of advanced temperature measurement equipment to measure the temperature of steel preheating to improve the accuracy of the measurement to ensure that the steel pipe powder coating, the steel pipe preheating temperature in the powder coating manufacturers recommended range. ⑸ anti-corrosion production, the hourly at least once a record to determine the powder coating when the steel preheating temperature.

3PE anticorrosion steel pipe

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