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3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe processing must be used to guide pipe, pipe is the first anti-corrosion processing of the steel pipe, which need to do anti-corrosion steel pipe from the production line to bring out, this tube can only be processed part of the corrosion, it was called it , That is, to lead the other anti-corrosion steel pipe.
3pe anti-corrosion standards:
(1) upper and lower limit of the thickness of the adhesive layer. According to SY / T0413-2002 standard in Table 2.0.2 of the provisions of 170-250μm, for the circular die coating line, this thickness value is no problem; winding operation line, this thickness range can not be guaranteed. The winding work line is extruded with a male sheet, and if the thickness is greater than 170 μm, the edge portion is definitely more than 250 μm. If the requirements of the current industry standards to meet the requirements of the adhesive layer, the thickness of the sheet should not be greater than 60μm, the use of multi-layer overlap to meet the line standard requirements, or glue layer thickness can not guarantee 170-250μm. Therefore, the upper and lower limits of the thickness of the adhesive layer should be at least two times different.
(2) the name and index of the copolymer. At present, China's 3PE anti-corrosion plastic with the actual grafting, copolymer is actually 3PE anti-corrosion with the first tape, pragmatic polyethylene and polyacrylic anhydride grafted products, it should be called grafting more appropriate; the current industry standard SY / T0413-2002, there are only four indicators of copolymer, can not fully reflect the performance of plastic, at least should increase the tensile strength and elongation at break two indicators to ensure that the processing performance of rubber.
(3) polyethylene heat aging performance indicators. SY / T0413-2002 polyethylene heat aging performance to do 100 days or 200 days test. In the production process need to sample the inspection of polyethylene performance, the experimental cycle is too long, no operational at all, whether the use of thermal oxidation induced value instead of worthy of study. If you can use the oxidation induction period instead of the traditional thermal aging performance test, will greatly shorten the sampling time.
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