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Seamless steel pipe material differentiation method, the steel is an important national construction and the realization of the four important materials, widely used, variety, according to the different cross-sectional shape, the steel is generally divided into profiles, plates, tubes and metal products four categories, In order to facilitate the organization of steel production, supply and order management and do a good job, is divided into heavy rail, light rail, large steel, medium steel, small steel, steel cold-formed steel, high-quality steel, wire, Electrical silicon sheet, strip, seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe, metal products and other varieties. First, the production of steel Most of the steel processing is the steel by pressure processing, so that the steel being processed (billet, ingot, etc.) plastic deformation. According to the steel processing temperature is not the same with the cold steel processing and thermal processing of two. The main processing methods of steel are: Rolling: The process of pressing the steel material through a gap (a variety of shapes) of a pair of rotating rolls due to the reduction of the material cross-section and the increase of the length due to the compression of the rolls, The most commonly used steel production methods, mainly for the production of steel profiles, plates, pipes. Cold rolled, hot rolled.
Forged steel: A method of pressure machining that uses the impact force of a forging hammer or the pressure of a press to change the billet to the shape and size we require. Generally divided into free forging and forging, commonly used for the production of large sections, billet and other sections of the steel section larger material.
Pull the steel: is to be rolled metal billets (type, pipe, products, etc.) through the die hole pull into the cross-section to reduce the length of the increase in processing methods are mostly used for cold-working.
Extrusion: steel is the metal on the closed extrusion Jane, one end of the pressure, the metal extrusion from the provisions of the mold hole to get the same shape and size of the finished product processing methods, and more for the production of non-ferrous metal materials steel .
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