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Insulation spiral welded pipe is spiral welded pipe insulation treatment, the main insulation method is polyurethane insulation spiral welded pipe, the first steel pipe rust and other pre-treatment, and then put on a layer of polyethylene jacket, the thickness of the customer's needs may be, Foam is filled between the tube body and the polyethylene skin, and the thickness of the foam is also processed according to customer's needs. Insulation spiral welded pipe installation can be overhead or buried.
Insulation spiral welded pipe tensile strength is mainly determined by the material. Currently on the market the most common material for the Q235B, Q345B, Q345C and several other.
First: q345c material insulation spiral welded pipe tensile strength
Yield strength: ≥ 345MPa (thickness 16mm or less) Tensile strength: 470-630MPa Elongation: 22% Impact work: ≥34J (test temperature 0 °)
Insulation spiral pipe
Second: Q345B insulation spiral welded pipe elongation and tensile strength
Tensile strength: 490-675Mpa Yield strength: ≥ 345Mpa Elongation: ≥ 21%
Third: Q235 material insulation spiral welded pipe tensile strength
Q235 insulation spiral welded pipe Q represents the yield limit of this material, behind 235, refers to the yield value of this material, at about 235MPa.
Through the above data analysis, the tensile strength of Q345B is better than Q235B material
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