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Carbon steel seamless steel butt welding elbow production technology

The rigidity of carbon steel seamless steel butt welded elbow is poor, and it is suitable for pressure p≤4MPa; GB carbon steel elbow rigidity is relatively large, suitable for high pressure and temperature applications. The basic technological process of carbon steel seamless steel elbow forming technology is as follows: First, a polygonal prismatic shell with a polygonal cross section or a polygonal prismatic shell with both ends closed is welded. After the internal pressure is filled with the medium, internal pressure is applied. Under pressure, the cross-section gradually changes from a polygon to a circle and eventually becomes a circular ring shell. There are three types of flange sealing surface: flat sealing surface, suitable for pressure is not high, media non-toxic occasions; convex sealing surface, suitable for slightly higher pressure occasions. Carbon steel seamless steel butt elbow technology is suitable for manufacturing work pressure less than 10MPa, carbon steel elbow inner diameter d125mm, carbon steel elbow middle diameter D and carbon steel seamless steel elbow inner diameter d ratio D/d1.5 Any carbon steel elbow, and carbon steel elbow diameter is not limited. For example, large carbon steel elbows with a carbon steel elbow inner diameter of 12m and a carbon steel elbow diameter of 60m or more can be processed. Carbon steel seamless steel butt welding elbow systems for petroleum, natural gas, chemical, hydropower, construction and boiler industries. Groove sealing surface, suitable for flammable, explosive, toxic media and high pressure applications. The gasket is a ring made of a material that produces plastic deformation and has a certain strength.

Carbon steel seamless steel welded elbow production is relatively simple, mainly applicable to the pipeline system with corrosive media; elbow and flat welding ring can use different materials, reduce the cost of the elbow, improve the use of performance. Elbow sealing surface has a protruding surface, convex surface, gutter surface. Carbon Steel Seamless Steel Butt Weld Elbows The parts that connect the pipe to the pipe are connected to the pipe end. There are holes in the elbow and the bolts make the two elbows close together. The elbows are sealed with a gasket. Elbow fittings refer to fittings with elbows. It can be cast or it can be threaded or welded. The elbow joint consists of a pair of elbows, a washer, and several bolts and nuts. The gasket is placed between the two elbows sealing surfaces. After the nut is tightened, the specific pressure on the gasket surface is deformed after the specific pressure reaches a certain value, and the unevenness on the sealing surface is filled to make the connection tight.

Carbon steel seamless pipe butt welded elbow is the earliest elbow production process. At present, this process is only for the production of elbows with large thickness, high pressure, hard material and limited production. Here, I will introduce to you the technical essentials and precautions for seamless steel elbow welding of carbon steel.

Carbon steel seamless steel butt welding elbow production can be produced under the joint action of presses, base dies, upper press dies, and filled dies, and the press must be selected to be absolutely larger than the bend. The force of the deformation of the head, the design of the upper die and the base die, because the original process is very late, the die is also very inaccurate, the length of the die must be greater than the length of the elbow to ensure the machining allowance of the punch elbow, fill the die The design is more important now is the thickness of a mold made by a CNC lathe. A model of a mold to ensure that the elbow when the stamping of the caliber and appearance of the appearance but the original problem is not solved, the original stamping elbow is a caliber The caliber of an elbow made from a mold, regardless of thickness, is very poorly guaranteed. Nowadays, the production of seamless steel butt welded elbows for carbon steel is mainly focused on thick-walled and alloyed steels.

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