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1. After the elbow is welded to the barrel, it is necessary to promptly clean up the weld, the heat-affected zone, and the surrounding slag, spatter, and contaminants, and perform PT inspection and surface pickling.
2. Prevent bumping and scratching on the surface of the stainless steel head.
3. Prevent direct contact with carbon steel and avoid iron ion contamination.
4. Do not store in the open air, prevent rain, strictly abide by the compatibility of the "Regulations" of the medium, stainless steel pickling can not use hydrochloric acid and other reducing acid.
5, to avoid forced welding. Structural design should prevent excessive restraint stress.
6. The content of chloride ion in the hydrostatic test water shall not be greater than 25mg/L, and it shall be dried in time after the test.

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