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Roll groove
1. Use a pipe cutter to cut the steel pipe to the required length and check the cut section with a level meter to ensure that the cut section is perpendicular to the central axis of the pipe. If the nicks are burrs, smooth them with a grinder.
2. The steel pipe that needs to be grooved is set up on the tail groove of the roll groover and the roll groover, and is leveled with a level meter so that the steel pipe is in a horizontal position.
3. The end of the steel pipe processing section close to the groove machine, so that the central axis of the pipe and the roller surface vertical.
4. Slowly press down. Jacks, so that the upper pressure roller close to the steel pipe, start the roller groove machine, so that the roller rotates a week, at this time pay attention to observe whether the pipe section is still tight with the roller groove machine, if not tight, should adjust the pipe to the level. If it is tight, slowly lower the jack so that the upper pressure roller evenly rolls the steel pipe to a predetermined depth of the groove.
5. Stop and check the depth and width of the groove with a vernier caliper. After confirming that it meets the standard requirements, unload the jack and remove the steel pipe.
Welded steel pipe installation process
Install the mechanical three-way and four-way 1. Stretch the ink line on the steel pipe to determine the opening position of the joint branch pipe. .
2. The chain opening machine is fixed at the predetermined opening position of the steel pipe.
3. Start the motor and turn the handwheel so that the drill bit is slowly approaching the steel pipe. At the same time, add lubricant at the drill bit to protect the drill bit and complete the hole on the steel pipe.
4. Stop the machine, shake the handwheel, open the chain, remove the machine, clean the metal block and the hole opening, and use the grinder to smooth the hole.
5. Put the clamp on the steel pipe, pay attention to the mechanical three-way should be concentric with the hole, the gap between the rubber seal ring and the hole is even, and tighten the bolt in place.
6. If it is a mechanical cross, be sure to ensure that the holes on both sides of the pipe are concentric when you open the hole. Otherwise, when the installation is completed, it may cause the rubber ring to break and affect the area that passes through the water.
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